SCOTUS rules government can’t take more than what’s owed from property owners. Learn what states need to do to reform their unconstitutional laws.

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Angela C. Erickson, Former Strategic Research Director

Christina M. Martin, Senior Attorney

David Deerson, Attorney

Joshua Polk, Attorney

Carol Park, Former Strategic Research Analyst

Keelyn Gallagher, Strategic Research Associate

Duncan Schroeder, Research Assistant


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Jim Manley

Jim Manley

Legal Policy Director
Christina Martin

Christina M. Martin

Senior Attorney
John Sweeney

James Sweeney

Media Director
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Kyle Sweetland

Research Analyst

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Pacific Legal Foundation is a nonprofit legal organization that defends Americans’ liberties when they are threatened by governmental overreach and abuse. We sue the government when our clients’ rights that are protected by the Constitution are violated, and we also advocate for legislative and regulatory reforms.

Started in 1973 in California, PLF now brings hundreds of cases nationwide, scoring precedent-setting victories for our clients, with an unmatched track record at the Supreme Court of the United States.


End Home Equity Theft is a collaborative effort with contributions from the following individuals:

Jim Manley, State Legal Policy Deputy Director

Eric S. Shear, Digital Director

Jaclyn Boudreau, Creative Director

Jeremy Talcott, Attorney

Katherine Turnbill, Legal Secretary

Kyle Sweetland, Research Analyst

Nicole Divers, Data Specialist

Scott Barton, Senior Director of Communications and Outreach

Stephen Slivinski, Deputy Director of Strategic Research

Todd Gaziano, Former Chief of Legal Policy and Strategic Research


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Jordan Michel

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